Upcoming: February/March 2023

Available February 16

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COVER: In Their Neck of the Woods
Sue Lisk offers suggestions for exploring online local histories to better understand our ancestors’ lives

Researching Modern Ancestors: Unlocking the Life of an English Rose – Part One
Diane L. Richard shows us that researching close family can be difficult, but also rewarding

Newspaper Wins
Erin E. Moulton steps up to the plate
to help you to search like a pro

Colonial American Genealogy - Part One
David A. Norris looks at genealogy sources “Olde” and New

BOOK REVIEW: A Guide to Norwegian Genealogy,
Emigration, and Transmigration

Diane L. Richard reviews a new book by Liv Marit Haakenstad

Gibraltar Census Records
David A. Norris reveals the remarkable resources
available for genealogists

My Dad Lied About His Ancestry!
Meredith Young Renard recounts how she learned
the truth and the reason for the tale

A Laugh at Our Ancestors’ Expense
Robbie Gorr looks at the humorous side
of genealogy

Genealogy Questions: Is My House Haunted?
The Allen County Public Library shows you online
resources for researching your home

Pound Masters, Hog Reeves and Other Common Positions
Sue Lisk looks at the unusual names given to the positions of some elected officials

Pass Me a Musket: Military Reenactments
Leslie Michele Derrough looks at how participating in reenactments can help you better relate to your military ancestor

Using Online Cemeteries
Karen L. Newman shows how to research families and their church records using online cemeteries

Diane L. Richard looks at websites andrelated news that are sure to be of interest

Photos & Genealogy
Rick Voight: “Have you captured
your COVID story?”

Back Page
Dave Obee recommends regularly searching family
trees to identify and dispel misinformation



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