Upcoming: Apr/May 2015

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There is a Lovely Land
Carol Richey explores the resources available for those who are seeking their Danish ancestors

It’s in the Genes!
Gabrielle Morgan researches the incredible life of a Tasmanian doctor, his family and the lives of their descendants

Cloud Storage and Your Genealogy!
Tony Bandy looks at what is available in cloud-based storage services for family history researchers

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Was Your Ancestor a True “Child of the Sea”?
David A. Norris explores the many circumstances for births occurring at sea, and the resources where you might locate the records

Windows 8: All Forms and Factors
Tony Bandy looks at new Windows-based hardware for your family research

Parsons and Priests and Reverends and Rectors
David A. Norris shows how to find those who tied the knot at your ancestors’ weddings, but also many other useful related sources

The Great Migration, 1915-1970
Carol Richey looks at the many resources available to assist in finding African American ancestors during this important period in American history

Sam’s Adventure in Genealogy

Constance R. Cherba and Samuel J. Ashkar discover the fun side of genealogy research

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