Upcoming: August/September 2016

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Researching Northern Ireland
Kevin Cassidy outlines the steps and sources that helped him trace his McGinn family ancestors

Tippling and Temperance in the Family

David A. Norris looks at the available records associated with alcohol and temperance

The International Classification of Diseases
George G. Morgan looks at one type of medical coding that can be helpful in decoding death certificates

A First Look at rootstrust
Tony Bandy looks at a new cross-platform way to maintain your genealogy information

Who was Gertrude Rhoades?
Constance R. Cherba unravels a mystery of the little girl in the grave

We Need to Talk About Geni!
Sandy Hack looks at Geni.com and their place in the online family tree spectrum

Capture Meaningful Moments with JRNL
Lisa A. Alzo reviews a new tool to help you lifestream your moments and memories

Improving Your Search Strategies — and Success — at Ancestry.com
Leslie Albrecht Huber looks at how you can improve your search success rate

Create Your Own Online Family Archive
Tony Bandy shows how you can use Omeka.net for your own genealogy cloud

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

The Back Page
When you’ve exhausted your search… hope for luck!



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