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Current: Oct/Nov 2014

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Find Your Dutch Ancestors Online
Yvette Hoitink shares websites and tips to help you find your ancestors from the Netherlands

Apps for Genealogy
Tony Bandy looks at the latest crop of Apps to help you manage and collect your family history data on those mobile devices

PERSI's New Home
Carol Richey updates us on the PERiodical Source Index, available on

"Chasing Pancho Villa"
David A. Norris examines genealogical records of the 1916 Mexican border campaign

Tattoo You: Social Security Number Tattoos
Gena Philibert Ortega examines the practice of using tattoos to record Social Security numbers during the 1930s and 1940s

One Man Bands ó Playing Another Genealogical Tune
Karen Evans examines some useful websites in the UK that can help you add depth to your ancestorís life

Deciphering Old Script
Carol Richey looks at resources for helping genealogists to overcome the numerous challenges faced when examining old documents

Diane L. Richard looks at a handy tool that makes transcribing audio or video recordings a breeze!

In Search of an Australian Ancestor
Gabrielle Morgan scours the pages of Australian newspapers to uncover the story of her grandmotherís brother, The Reverend Thomas Moore Campbell

Websites Worth Surfing
David A. Norris looks at some interesting websites that might be of interest to family history researchers

A Closer Look: Heredis 2014 for Windows
Tony Bandy looks at the latest Windows-based release from an established genealogy software

How Careful Are You with Your Information?
Dave Obee offers some insight into the security issues that arise from our social media activities