Upcoming: Dec/Jan 2016

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Overseas Newspaper Archives
David A. Norris looks at a selection of overseas newspaper collections — free and online!

Beware of Online Family Trees

George G. Morgan looks at why we need to be cautious about the family tree data you may encounter online

Finding Revolutionary War Newspapers
David A. Norris offers tips on how to supplement your research with newspapers from the Revolutionary War era

Legacy Republic: A Digital Time-Saver?
Tony Bandy looks at a service that helps you to preserve and protect your precious memories

Genealogy Foundations: Take a Look at ProQuest!
Melody Amsel-Arieli gives an overview of several valuable websites to assist you in researching your Jewish ancestors

Family Connections From Mining to Murder!
Gabrielle Morgan shows how scouring the pages of online newspapers can give an extra boost to those family history stories

Get Published!
Tony Bandy looks at four options for creating a shared family history eBook

Eddies Extracts, a Northern Ireland Resource
Cindy Thomson looks at a great resource for researching your Northern Irish roots, particularly around Belfast

North Carolina More Online Resources
Diane L. Richard continues her look at some of the free online resources available for researching North Carolina ancestors

The Back Page
Avoid Distractions: Stay Focused on Your Research!